I asked women cyclists, from beginners to pros, if they had questions they didn’t feel comfortable asking in a shop, or even at the gynecologist’s office. The answer? A resounding YES! So, after collecting questions ranging from the basic (pad or tampon?) to the scary (is it OK if I’m numb down there after a ride?) to the practical (should I get a Brazilian wax if I’m riding a lot of hours?) to the technical (how do I find the right saddle?) to the painful (how do I deal with bad PMS cramps on the bike?), I went to the experts to get the right answers. I spoke with women in the industry, from bike shop workers to saddle designers, and then to the “other” experts: a panel of gynecologists ranging from serious cyclists to doctors who only ride occasionally, plus bikini waxers, nutritionists and more.

Buy the book here! (Or here, for PayPal-friendly version)

Want a print copy? We’ll have it out by the end of the month, so pre-order here.

Junior cyclist? We’ve got a FREE mini-version available here.

Want to chat with other women about cycling? Join our forum here.

Interested in reviewing or bulk purchase? Click here to download the Saddle Sore media kit.


If you have questions about the book or have another female-specific question you’d love to see answered, please fill out the contact form below!

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