Ever felt uncomfortable while riding a bike? If you haven’t, good for you! But if you’ve ever dealt with chafing, weird butt pimples, numbness ‘down there’ or a saddle that just rubbed you the wrong way, you’re not alone. That’s where the guide “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy” can help. I (author and cycling coach Molly Hurford) asked cyclists, from beginners to pros, if they had questions they didn’t feel comfortable asking in a shop, or even at the doctor’s office. The answer? Hell yes!

Have you found yourself asking: Do I have a saddle sore? And if so, what do I do? Is it OK if I’m numb down there after a ride? How do I find the right saddle? How do I deal with bad PMS cramps on the bike?

Those questions—and a whole lot more—are answered in “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy.” Get Your Copy Here

Need some quick help to deal with a saddle sore or other issue fast?
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