Get ready to ride comfortable & happy!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while riding a bike? If you haven’t, good for you! But if you’ve ever dealt with chafing, weird butt pimples, numbness ‘down there’ or a saddle that just rubbed you the wrong way, you’re not alone.

I asked cyclists, from beginners to pros, if they had questions they didn’t feel comfortable asking in a shop, or even at the doctor’s office. The answer?

A resounding YES! Questions included:

  • Do I use pad versus tampon?
  • Is it OK if I’m numb down there after a ride?
  • Can I ride with a saddle sore?
  • How do I find the right saddle?
  • How do I deal with bad PMS cramps on the bike?

So, I spoke with everyone who had expertise on the subject of our nether-regions and how they relate to the bike: bike shop workers, saddle and chamois designers, a panel of gynecologists ranging from serious cyclists to doctors who only ride occasionally, plus bikini waxers, nutritionists, coaches and more.

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