Afghan Cycles Documentary Needs Your Help

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Afghan Cycles is an amazing project, spurred on by several amazing women I’ve been lucky enough to get to know in the past year. Behind the Afghan Cycles project is Shannon Galpin, and thanks to her efforts, Afghanistan now has a national team of women cyclists. Thanks to many of my friends, the riders also have kickass Giant bikes thanks to the wonderful women and men behind Liv/Giant, and the riders are also kitted out with some great lightly-used cycling apparel and gear from the clothing drives that Galpin has done in Colorado and that Frances Morrison and I helped to organize with RAWR in Boston.

The documentary about the women in Afghanistan is being done by the amazing and talented Sarah Menzies, who I’ve had the great privilege of getting to know in recent weeks as well. The documentary has gone from being a short film into being a full-fledged feature film that they plan to enter in a lot of film festivals in the next year—this could be a huge opportunity to showcase women’s cycling to the masses! That’s a big part of what makes the documentary so exciting—if it gets pushed out and publicized enough, it could change the way that people look at bikes, and get a lot more people talking about cycling and women, so it’s super important that the video gets out.

To see Shannon and Sarah talk about both the women and the movie, check out these interviews I did with them last summer here.

The point of all of this is simply that the documentary (and Afghan Cycles in general) is still in desperate need of funding, and partnerships. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in helping out with the funding for the movie, or for Afghan Cycles as a project, check out the proposal and find out more here: Afghan Cycles Proposal

Pass it on if you know of someone who might be able to help!

Thanks, everyone!

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