Mini Saddle, Sore for Juniors: Available as a Free PDF!

Mini Saddle, Sore for JuniorsWelcome to the mini version of Saddle, Sore. When I started writing this book, a big part of the reason was because I know how hard it is being a young junior just starting out in cycling—and how much harder it is as a girl with no one to talk to about your personal questions! Asking my dad about pads versus tampons was out of the question, and I had no idea who to talk to about my cycling shorts, or why my underwear was bunching in them (oops!). It was a steep learning curve, and every pro woman that I speak to says the exact same thing.

So this is the condensed version of Saddle, Sore, designed to help you a bit along the way. If you’re not a junior, you should check out the full version, and if you know a junior, definitely pass this link along!

Check out the full version to answer more of your questions and to get into greater detail, and check out this website for even more answers.

Click here to open your free PDF of Mini Saddle, Sore for Juniors

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