What Kind of Soap Should I Use Post-Ride?

Photo via Keith Williamson on Flickr

Photo via Keith Williamson on Flickr

A lot of times, people want to know what kind of soap to use “down there” to keep everything clean. I know some women who just use warm water (which can be good if you’re extremely sensitive) but even people with sensitive skin can usually find some kind of soap that won’t upset pH balance while still getting rid of germs and (let’s face it) smelly sweat post-ride.

But what kind of soap do you use? It depends on the person and the vagina, according to Kristi Hawken Angevine (who just launched an awesome new website here) explains.

People who are really sensitive, they need whatever fragrance-free, simple soap or baby wipe + water they would use in the shower.  People who aren’t so sensitive can use any plan soap, baby wipe, water, cleanser they want.  
I personally even make sure to use sensitive skin fragrance-free detergent, and stick to ultra-simple bar soap in the shower. Baby soap is also usually good, especially the sensitive skin types.
The key is just to use it sooner as opposed to later.  It’s the same theme as throughout your book— get out of your wet chamois as soon as is feasible, let those parts air out (think skirt, loose shorts, dress, kilt), soap/water/or wipe it possible and get to a shower soon.

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