A Few Great Reads

We’ve been busy on the road for the past few weeks, but that has some up sides: while I haven’t had a ton of time for answering questions (though more of that is coming soon!), I have caught up on some reading while en route to different talks, clinics and races.

7 Tips to Finding the Perfect Saddle via Total Women’s Cycling (based on their reading of Saddle, Sore!)

I’m working on some more age-specific Q&As for the website and for V2 of the book, but for now, get motivated with this piece I helped write for a feature in Bicycling on Cycling at Any Age!

I’ve written a bit about cramps, but only in the context of riding. This piece does a great job of expanding on that! The Everything Guide To Cramps via Refinery 29

I’m a major fan of top foods lists—writing about nutrition is as fun for me as writing about lady parts!—and this is one I recently did for Bicycling, the Top Foods for Cyclists.

OK, this one is hilarious, not informative, but I couldn’t resist.
Video: My Girlfriend is a Mountain Biker via PinkBike

And a little self-promotion…

Ladies Night with Molly Hurford & Friends via Canadian Cyclist

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