PSA: Book Your Yearly Gynecologist Exam!

Have you booked your yearly checkup? © Morgan via Flickr

Have you booked your yearly checkup? © Morgan via Flickr

I hope everyone is having a rad summer full of bike adventures—and that you’re staying saddlesore-free in the process! I wanted to post this tiny PSA while it was fresh in my mind, and that’s to remind everyone to book (or make a memo to book) their annual gynecologist visit!

For some of you, this won’t relate to cycling at all. But for others, this can be a chance to discuss:

  • Recurring saddlesore issues
  • Skin problems “down there”
  • Any discomfort in your breasts when wearing a sports bra
  • Problems with birth control that are impacting riding (i.e long periods, lots of cramping…)
  • Issues with birth control (i.e if you’re thinking about switching so you can time your periods to avoid having them during races, if you’re hoping to have a lighter flow, reduce it to once every three months…)
  • If you’re having any potentially hormone-related problems
  • If anything down there seems ‘off’ (i.e if you’re suddenly needing to pee every few minutes in ride, or if you’re suddenly having trouble peeing during rides, as this can be a sign of pelvic floor issues)

As cyclists and as women, we need to be taking care of ourselves, and your yearly gynecologist appointment is just as important as a standard physical, or yearly dental checkup, so don’t skip it!

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