Secret Option ‘C’

I just wanted to write this piece as a super-quick PSA to ladies out there. I went for my annual OB/GYN visit last week (reminder: DO THAT!) and while I was there, I mentioned feeling particularly ‘off’ during the course of the month. Nothing crazy—honestly, I just said I’d been feeling a bit more emotional than usual.  (Which makes sense given some of the crazy up-and-down huge volume to no volume training that’s been happening thanks to an insane travel schedule!)

Her first recommendation?

Adding an oral dose birth control. On top of my IUD (I use the Mirena, which already releases hormones). She was practically writing the prescription as she said it. (After about 2 minutes of talking to me in the room. Zero examining, zero bloodwork, nothing.)

My immediate reaction was to say Absolutely not. Not without tests, not without knowing there’s an issue, and even then, almost certainly not. The last thing I need is another flood of artificial hormones on top of the ones already in the IUD!

It scares me so much that her immediate response, with nothing to go on other than my feeling, was to suggest medication.

But then, after I said that wasn’t happening, she recommended that I read this book instead: Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life. It’s written by a naturopath, and while I don’t agree with everything she writes, I do love that most of it focuses on a holistic, natural approach to getting your body in balance.

That book is also the antithesis of the original birth control suggestion, by the way—the author (who I don’t agree with here) is actually against any birth control because of what it does to hormones.

My point in writing this isn’t to say that birth control is bad, or that you should read this book. My point is that when you do go to the doctor and you hear something that you think is off, whether she’s telling you that too much riding is what’s throwing off your cycle, or that you need to take XY or Z drug to get your system on track, there’s often another solution that the doctor is willing to mention. You don’t have to immediately agree to Option A.


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