The 2016 Christmas Wish List

It’s almost time to start holiday shopping, so I wanted to put together a wishlist for the women cyclists in your life!

New, Updated Edition of “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy” by Molly Hurford

by-molly-hurford-copyI realize there’s something sort of weird about putting your own book first on the list, but the new and improved update is worth reading and sharing, with new chapters on pregnancy, post-pregnancy, hormones, pelvic floor, bike fit, and male cyclist issues, plus an overhaul of the rest of the book. If there’s a new woman cyclist in your life, consider giving her this guide so she can ride comfortable and happy—not awkward and chafing!

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Petal Power Joy Ride System Women’s Natural Anti-Chafe Chamois Cream System for Cycling

This is still one of my favorite things to give out. A three-part system designed to clean your nether-regions pre-ride, a fantastic chamois cream, and a post-ride gentle cleanser for down there? Really great—and a less invasive way to introduce a friend to proper chamois hygiene.

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Velocio Signature Fly Bib Shorts

I have a few pairs of shorts in this guide, since that’s a huge part of what I talk about and not everyone fits the same in the same pair of shorts, but I do truly love Velocio’s Signature Fly Bib Shorts, with convenient zipper in the back for easy nature breaks. They fit great, feel great, and look great—no matter how long the ride is! (PS: the whole kit above is Velocio and I freaking love this jersey as well.)

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Terry Butterfly Saddle

This is a great saddle in general, and you’ll notice that the link goes to a huge variety of the Butterfly, from entry level pricing to ultra-racey titanium and carbon versions. I think it’s a great saddle starting point, since so many women find it fits them well. It’s got just enough padding to keep you comfy without overdoing it and making your sitbones sink, and it’s truly built for women, not just shrunk from a men’s sized and designed saddle.

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ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life by Stacey Sims

ROAR just came out and my dear friend Selene (The Fit Chick at Bicycling mag) was the co-author, while Stacey Sims is one of my nutritional heroes. You may know her from the “women are not small men” slogan that she created when she helped start Osmo Nutrition a few years ago, and this book really showcases a lot of that research. If you’re interested in women-specific nutrition, I can’t recommend this book enough.

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SheBeest Petunia Bib Shorts

These bib shorts have a sweet halter style neck so it’s easy-on and easy-off for bathroom breaks, plus it’s made with mesh so it’s super-cool looking, and doesn’t mean an entire second layer of clothing for those hot ride days. The inseam is a little shorter than a lot of other shorts, but the leg bands are ultra-comfy and I’ve worn these hundreds of times with no problems whatsoever. (You’ll also notice the super-rad patterns on the jersey and shorts. The jerseys are also crazy comfortable and really well-designed, and very, very stretchy!)

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Performance Women’s Sport Print Knickers

I added these to this list because of their amazing price point (on sale for $40) and the fact that with their ultra-thin chamois and more generally sporty aesthetic, they’re a perfect intro chamois for a female cyclist who hasn’t tried one yet. Case in point: my own mom is just starting to ride more and had been going in normal leggings and underpants, but I just convinced her to upgrade to these and she loves them. She absolutely turned down all the other shorts I offered her before, saying the padding was too weird for her. So think of these like a gateway-chamois.

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Chamois Butt’r Her’

Another great chamois cream option to introduce a new cyclist to the joys of friction-fighting!

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Performance Women’s Elite Flurry Jacket

I love a good winter jacket, and this one from Performance bike has an insane price point (around $100) with some of the most high-quality features I’ve seen on any jacket. Personally, I’ve been loving the magnetic neckwarmer piece that keeps you as cozy as a scarf, and the slightly offset zipper is really quite cool looking, while the zippered pocket in the back is massive enough for anything you’d need on a ride. The bright blue is fantastic, and the jacket is just really warm and well-made.

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The Willary Core Dress

I’m a major fan of a commuter dress, since it means it’s easy to wear bike shorts or tights under it and then pull a quick switch at your destination. Much better, in my opinion, than sweating and sitting on the saddle in jeans, and then wearing them the rest of the day. Plus, this dress is super well designed for pretty much any occasion and can be dressed up for whatever your ride entails! PS: Use code RIDEHAPPY for Free Shipping through 12/31!

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