2017 is Here—Let’s Make It Amazing


Dear Reader:

When I started writing the first draft of “Saddle, Sore” three years ago, I thought it was going to be a publish-and-done affair. I had no idea that I was going to end up spending the next three years giving talks, hosting clinics and working on this website and an updated edition of the book. It’s never going to sell a million copies, but I know that it’s helping women (and men!) make their riding fun and comfortable again.


It’s amazing to me when women tell me that reading my book or coming to a talk made them realize being numb while riding wasn’t necessary, or say that they cleared up a saddle sore after landing on this site in a flurry of Googling. And that’s freaking awesome.

But in 2017, it’s not just about the nether regions. (That was a weird line to type.) This site, and the talks, clinics and events that we do aren’t just about skin issues. This is about riding comfortable and happy—whatever that means for you. 2017 is going to have a huge focus on that idea for me. We’ll still be talking a lot about nether regions (I mean, that is the whole idea behind the updated edition!), but we’re adding so much more.


We started with the Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy 3-Month Training Plan, and we’re going to be hosting more clinics, skills sessions, trips, talks and a ton more. (If you’re wondering who “we” is, I’m talking about myself and my partner in crime and life, SmartAthlete coach Peter Glassford.)

This idea of riding comfortable and riding happy is great because it’s so all-encompassing. Riding should be happy and comfortable, no matter what level of a rider you are. From beginner to pro, we deserve to ride without pain, we deserve to ride with huge smiles on our faces. Whether that happens from dialing in your bike fit, or learning to ride over a root on a trail, or figuring out how to ride in a pack without feeling nervous, or finally having the confidence to join a riding club—we’re here for you to make your ride better.


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We’re coming at this from all angles: hosting more clinics and even planning some bigger trips, setting up more talks for Spring, working on improving this site and newsletterspreading some of my best advice around in different magazines, adding episodes to the Consummate Athlete Podcast that relate specifically to your riding and general athletic health, and of course, sharing the new book.


So, here’s to a great 2017 full of riding with friends, or solo. Adventuring, whatever that means for you. Trying new things. Getting more comfortable, getting happier. It’s a huge proposition, but stick with me and we’ll embark on this together. Let me know what I can do to make your year really shine on the bike by commenting on our Facebook page, emailing me (molly [at] saddlesorewomen.com), or in here in the comments.

I’m excited!

Happy 2017,