Surviving Base Training (with Happy Nether Regions)

Training camps—whether you’re on a cycling tour, doing a big base week, or are on an actual training camp—can be rough on your nether regions. Save yourself some pain by taking good care of your undercarriage before you have issues.

  • WASH your chamois carefully. Double rinsing has never been so important
  • BREATHE (or, rather, let your skin breathe. Though breathing in general helps get through as well). When you can, opt for loose and flowing clothes, and sleep sans undies when feasible.
  • SHOWER as soon as possible post-ride. Wash and dry nether regions carefully. If you have something right after your ride, or the shower is full, at least get out of shorts as soon as you’re off your bike. (On tours, I keep a pair of run shorts in my jersey pocket or in my bag that’s in the follow car for easy changes post-ride.)
  • STAND during your rides. Every few minutes. You don’t need to go hard, just let your nether regions get some air and blood flow.
  • CHAMOIS CREAM will be your friend. Think quarter-size, not a massive amount though.
  • PREPARE. If you know you have issues with your nether regions when you put in big weeks of volume, consider having a secondary saddle that you can swap out—make it a different style than the one you use now (i.e a cutout if you don’t normally use one).
  • TREAT right away. Clean, dry, and—if you’ve opened the sore—hit it with antibacterial cream. And remember: a day off early in the block might save you from a few days off later on.