PSA: Give Your Nether Regions a Break on Your Off-Day!

Hey everyone! After a couple really long endurance weeks of building base (and a month at a junior camp), I’ve realized something: we all understand the importance of rest days, but we also all really, really love riding our bikes. The problem here, though, is that we love riding our bikes so much that we ride them even when we should be taking an actual day off.

Today is a fantastic example of that for me. It’s the first off-day that I’ve had in a couple weeks, and the guys we’re staying with wanted to do a morning coffeeshop spin. While I’ve been able to avoid saddle sores so far, I admit that my butt was definitely in need of a break from time in the saddle and in a chamois. But at the same time, coffee! pastries! … I’m a sucker for a good coffeeshop ride and hang out. So initially, I said yes. And then, I thought better of it.

So I didn’t go. And I missed coffee. But… I am going to feel so, so much better tomorrow when I get back on the bike.

If you have a rest day and you have the urge to ride, I’m begging you: take a day off every now and then. It’s worth it. Let your body (especially your skin and sensitive soft tissue) recover—you’ll save yourself from saddle sore and skin issues later on, I promise.

Instead, you could:

What do you do on your off days? Do you appreciate them?


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