Why You Should Never Ignore a Saddle Sore!

In this week’s episode of The Consummate Athlete Podcast, the podcast kinesiologist/coach/my husband Peter and I co-host, we chatted with Bernard Condevaux, a badass physical therapist and cyclist. He had some amazing advice for avoiding acute and chronic injury, and it’s worth listening to if you’re getting serious/are serious about cycling. But beyond that, he had an amazing PSA for our audience about why treating saddle sores is so, so important—and why you shouldn’t let them fester for years. His story—which comes towards the end of the podcast so if you’re just interested in that, skip to around the 45 minute mark—is absolutely insane! I’m so thankful he shared it, because I think a lot of people can benefit from hearing it.

Give the podcast a listen here!

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