Some Cyclocross Advice—and a Couple Nether Region-Specific Tips (Just Trust Me.)

Let’s Talk Cyclocross …Or at least, let’s talk about 5 things you can do to make this season amazing. Some of these are obvious to those of us who’ve been racing for a while, but for some newcomers, this is excellent stuff to keep in mind.

Don’t Mix Chamois Cream and Embrocation

Enough said. (Also, wear latex gloves when applying embro if you want to avoid getting it in… places.

Practice Those Skills

Dismounts and remounts, plus barrier running are the obvious skills that you touch on in practice and at clinics. But consider this: Most courses have 2 spots to dismount/remount, but over 50 corners per lap. If you can make your corners 2 seconds faster (trust me, that doesn’t take much practice), you’ll save over a minute per lap, compared to practicing remounts to save .2 seconds per lap.

Embrace the Crowd

The best part about cyclocross is the family-friendly atmosphere. Don’t go to races alone, drag your whole crew with you and spend the day cheering and hanging out after your race.

Watch Where You Remount

Seriously, repeat after me: I will not slam my lady parts onto the saddle. When you remount, your upper thigh should be the first point of contact with the saddle, and then you’ll slide over and onto said lady parts. But smashing into the saddle, labia first, is a recipe for disaster.

Get Ready to Go Deep

It’s only 45 minutes, and those 45 minutes are going to freaking hurt. But don’t give up, even if someone passes you, even if you crash, etc. … Just focus on going as hard as you can and getting to the finish line.

Take. Off. Your. Chamois.

I say this a lot but CX is even worse, with mud, chamois cream, rain, sweat, etc… And then, the post-race hanging out and beer tent. Bring a skirt for a fast change, and get out of that wet kit ASAP.

Need more nether region-specific advice on preventing fun stuff like chafing, saddle sores, and more? Check out “Saddle, Sore: Ride Comfortable, Ride Happy.”