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If you’re interested in having Molly come and talk to your club/shop/group ride/crew of rad ladies about “Saddle, Sore,” fill out the contact form below!

What people have said:

“Molly is very well-researched and her manner of speaking is honest, funny, and easy to grasp. She is well-versed in a variety of topics and easy to talk to about the most sensitive of them!”  -Mia Moore at The Edge Athlete Lounge

“Molly and Peter have extensively researched and studied all aspects of cycling. With their connections to professional cyclists, doctors, nutritionists, and personal education and knowledge of cycling and the human body, they are up on the latest fads, trends, and they know what works. They are also very interested and focused on offering advice and tips to people who have busy lives and who are juggling life along with their cycling. Everyone was very impressed by the knowledge Molly and Peter presented throughout their talk. They could field questions ranging from taking magnesium to how to perform well on the weekend group ride. I have heard quite a few VERY positive comments about your talk from people who know a lot about cycling and were raving about you both. Molly and Peter went far beyond the obvious good advice and offered data and science-backed information that every cyclist from beginner to very experienced can take and apply to their riding right away.” —Patria Lanfranchi, Co-Owner & Curator at the Ride Studio Cafe